15 Awesome Floor Designs You'll Want In Your Home

#15 needs to be in every office. Now.

1. Glass floor in an on-water bungalow.


2. Optical illusion floor.

3. Copper coin floor.

4. 3D painted floor.

5. Recycled leather belt floor.

6. Hydrofloor that can hide a whole swimming pool underneath.

7. Map floor.

8. Infinity mirrored floor. And walls. And ceiling.

9. Wooden floor that looks totally liquid.

10. Glass floor that gives you the chills.

11. Rainbow floor.

12. Grass floor.

13. Sandy beach floor.

14. Colorful vinyl tape floor.

Photo courtesy of Kiewic. Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

15. Portrait floor.

Now that you're all pumped with incredible home decor ideas, let's take a look to the streets and the stunning art people are creating there: 15 Ingenious Street Artists Whose Art Interacts With The Surroundings.

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