These Fearless People Dive From Cliffs, And It's Hard To Look Away


In an album of GIFs uploaded to Imgur, we see people doing some insane flips off cliffs, fearlessly plunging into the ocean below. 

Watching the footage may make your stomach drop, but all divers involved seem to really know what they're doing, as their form expertly lands them to safety. Watch below, and prepare to experience some major wanderlust.

Hold my spice pumpkin latte
Cliff diving in Hawaii
Bye guys!
That guy

And as an added bonus, check out this world record cliff dive:

World record cliff dive. 58.8 m (193 ft)

Canyoneer Laso Schaller was the one to complete this world record high dive, jumping from a 193 foot high cliff in Maggia, Switzerland. The terrifying POV footage is enough to make anyone's stomach turn.

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