One Brand's Bringing Their Maternity Line To Target So Pregnant Women Can Feel Comfy And Trendy

"These women are the inspiration for what we do and who we do it for."

When it comes to finding maternity clothes, it may be hard for pregnant women to find garments that are both trendy and comfortable. But now, fashion brand Ingrid & Isabel has launched a maternity line with Target that's built for the women they so admire. 

"We've met more than a thousand moms: some pregnant for the first time, some with babies in arms, some glowing, and some scared," Ingrid & Isabel's website explains. Their brand all started when founder Ingrid, was pregnant with her daughter and couldn't keep her pants buttoned comfortably. 

"We meet and we listen. We listen because they have a beautiful strength. Because we know they are fragile, vulnerable and in the midst of a fierce love. Because we adore the instant communities they build. These women are the inspiration for what we do and who we do it for."


First, Ingrid invented the Bellaband, a band that accommodates different stages of one's pregnancy and helps hold up un-bottoned pre-pregnancy wear, maternity clothes, and post-baby clothes. 

BuzzFeed's Morgan Shanahan says she's "indebted" to the Bellyband, and for these reasons she's even more excited that Ingrid & Isabel will be available at Target later this month. She adds that the collection is trendy, casual, retro, cool and more. 

And we think so too — the collection features off the shoulder pieces, florals, flared dresses, and beyond, and hopefully, it encourages other brands to integrate their current styles into maternity-wear. 

You can find more images of the Target collection here, and check out Ingrid & Isabel pieces below:

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