This Insane Workout Video Has Our Arms Hurting Just Watching It

But really, HOW do they do it?

In a video released by Calisthenic Movement, entitled "EXTREME WORKOUT," athletes perform some of the craziest routines we've ever seen.

Seriously, whatever we thought we were doing at the gym seems way less impressive now. 


For example, this guy...

...begs the question: How did he even get like that?

The Calisthenic Movement is a German sports team consisting of trainers, scientists, and physical trainers that aim to motivate people to reach their fitness goals while managing a healthy lifestyle. 

"It's really impressive what the human body is capable of, when trained properly," the team writes on their Facebook.

And from what we can see, they're right.

This just doesn't seem comfortable:


Check out the full video below:

(H/T: Facebook)

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