He Does Perfect Impressions Of 13 Different Actors, But The People He Mimics Aren't Happy About It

It's an impression intervention AKA an impress-a-vention.

Ross Marquand has gained lots of attention for doing spot-on impressions of a variety of male actors. His YouTube videos showcasing this special talent have collectively earned millions of views, and everyone wants to hear more — everyone except the actors he impersonates. 

In a 2011 YouTube video, the actors Marquand impersonates finally give him the confrontation he deserves. In the video, Marquand enters his apartment only to find he is the center of an impression intervention, or an impress-a-vention. 

Everyone from Jack Nicholson, to Al Pacino, to Justin Timberlake, to Kevin Spacey, to Brad Pitt to John Malkovich is there to put their two cents in, and tell Marquand why they don't appreciate being mimicked. 


This is one impressive impress-a-vention. Take a look:

OK, fine. So the actors aren't actually there in the flesh to confront Marquand, as Marquand is actually playing all 13 roles himself. But if you close your eyes, you'd never know the difference. 

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