Think These Crazy Tiny Paintings Are Impressive? Wait Until You See The Brush.

The tiny painter.

Karen Libecap is an Alabama-based artist who paints incredibly detailed paintings the size of a quarter. Her work includes animals, landscapes, random objects, pop culture callouts and more. The tiny paintings are just her latest side project in addition to the graphic design and photography work she does, but they're catching eyes everywhere with their insanely thorough features.

Proof that a (very) steady hand and a clear vision can produce amazing things, Libecap's art is pretty inspiring stuff for those of us whose painting skills never elevated above finger painting. After all, to reproduce a super-detailed basketball painting, we'd all probably just blot an orange dot on paper. It might end up the same size, but it definitely wouldn't look like this:


And that's a colored pencil sketch. The craziest is the brush she uses to produce her paintings.

Crazy, right? See more of her work below:

And there's plenty more where that came from.

Check out Libecap's Instagram for more awesome paintings and her Etsy shop if you want to pick up anything for yourself.

(H/T: DesignTAXI)


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