When Her Kids Are Misbehaving, This Mom Has A Hilarious Parenting Hack To Show Santa Is Listening

"What would you like to say to Santa Claus?"

When Kristin Hensley's two kids, Eleanor, 3, and Finn, 5, were misbehaving, she came up with a clever way to remind them that Santa Claus is always watching. Hensley changed her sister Megan's name in her mobile phone to "Santa Claus." Then she began sending voice-to-text messages to "Santa" about her kids' behavior. 

The #IMOMSOHARD web series co-host shared her holiday parenting hack on her Facebook page to show that there are other versions of Secret Santa parents may not have thought about.


Hensley told The Huffington Post that the trick is pretty effective, too. As soon as her kids heard Siri on her phone say "What would you like to say to Santa Claus?" they stopped being rambunctious.

The trick isn't just working with the kids, it's also earning praise from other parents. So far, it has received 12,100 likes and numerous comments. Many parents are writing about how they also use technology to make their kids think they're communicating with Santa in the North Pole. 

One wrote, "We have a male friend, we change his name to Santa in our phone every year. When he calls, the kids see the name pop up on our phone. It's our daily Santa check-in of the good and bad actions of the day! Works like a charm!!"

Another said, "My boss has an app he downloaded where you can pick if the child's being naughty or good and then have Santa call. If his son is naughty then he gets a call that tells him to be good and listen to his parents."

Of course this parenting hack is all in good fun for the holidays as it keeps the magic of Santa alive, while keeping the kids in check. And when it comes time to break the news to the little ones that Santa (ahem ahem) isn't real, another parent has an excellent suggestion on how to guide the conversation in a way that doesn't diminish the spirit of Christmas. Check out her suggestion.  

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