Restaurant Owner Prints A Message Of Tolerance On The Bottom Of His Receipts

It's quickly going viral on Twitter.

Mark Simmons, a chef from New Zealand who has his own restaurant in New York City, has a message for his customers: immigrants are great. At the bottom of receipts that customers receive after eating at his restaurant Kiwiana, a short phrase is printed: "Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today)."

NBC News contributor Mary Emily O'Hara tweeted out a copy of her receipt from a Sunday brunch, which quickly went viral on the social platform.


In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 1.4 million of the 12.7 million people in the restaurant industry were immigrants.

Simmons' message is one that's been echoed many times in recent weeks, as pro-immigrant Americans have banded together to push back on new political agendas they feel stand in stark contrast to American values. The receipt is a nice reminder from Simmons — who is an immigrant himself — that our country functions thanks to the hard work of all Americans, including those who chose to call this country home.

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