His Girlfriend Lives Two Time Zones Away, But She Left This To Always Be With Him

A great idea for couples on Valentine's Day — or any day.

An Imgurian using the handle leonnosyt may very well have just provided the Internet with the ultimate rebuttal to the popular "romance is dead" refrain, but it's not because of anything he did — it's the amazingly thoughtful and romantic thing that his girlfriend, mishellymonster, did for him.

Those of you in long-distance relationships should pay special attention. 


Leonnosyt lives in Canada, while mishellymonster currently lives in Minnesota. According to his comments in the original post, they met on DeviantArt some seven years ago and met in person for the first time last May ...

The story begins three days after she visited him over New Year's and she told him to look under a table ...

My girlfriend came to visit me in Canada over new years

Obviously, they missed each other ...

When he looked under the table, he found this ...

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And when he opened it, he found all this waiting for him.

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A suitcase full of reminders of her.

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Each with instructions on when to open.

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Each a small token of her enduring affection.

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Each a promise to weather the distance.

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Each a reminder of love's presence despite absence.

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See all of the notes below.

We wish them long, enduring love and all the best things in life. 


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