iMessage Is Getting A Huge Update. Here's What You'll Soon Be Able To Do On Your iPhone.

Texting is about to become much, much better.

Apple's next iPhone update will launch in the fall, and it comes with several major upgrades. 

In iOS 10, Siri will be much more intelligent, the lock screen will be redesigned, and you'll have the option to remove default apps that come with your phone that you never use. 

But the most dramatic change will be improvements to iMessage. 

Not only will third-party developers finally be able to create apps designed to plug into iMessage, but the default messaging capabilities that come with the app will greatly improve. In a short video, Tech Insider explains five of best new features on iMessage and shows how to do them. From sketching out messages to searching for gifs in the app, you're definitely going to want to download this update as soon as you can. 

Check out the video below:


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