19 Dishes With Guacamole That You Must Make

For the love of guacamole!

It's almost impossible to watch TV or read a magazine without seeing an ad about guacamole. When Chipotle revealed its secret guacamole recipe, the world went absolutely nuts. It is clear that everyone is obsessed with guacamole.

Since people can put guacamole on almost any type of cuisine, here are 19 images of guacamole that might be the most delicious food porn ever:

1. In a bowl.

Guacamole en molcajete

2. With chips ... because dipping.

3. In a quesadilla.

I got double guacamole with my veggie quesadilla. Today is going to be a good day

4. On a bacon cheeseburger.

Bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce, battered onion strips and guacamole

5. On a sub ... or hoagie ... or whatever you call it.

Blackened Chicken & Guacamole Sandwich.

6. On a taco.

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7. On a grilled cheese with bacon sandwich.

Food Porn - Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

8. On a mac and cheese with bacon sandwich.

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9. With lobster and crab.

Lobster and Crab Guacamole

10. With pasta and seared steak.

It's my cakeday so here is a pic of something I made at work - healthy: guacamole pasta w/seared steak

11. In wontons ... wow.

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12. On deviled eggs.

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13. With hand-chopped salmon tartar.

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14. On pizza ... you were probably expecting this one.

Spread guacamole and hot sauce on my pizza. YUM!

15. With pulled pork.

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16. With bruschetta.


17. As a Thai entree.

Because I want to put guac on everything: Thai Guacamole

18. With black bean pasta.

Guacamole & Black Bean Pasta!

19. On a sandwich ... with sunglasses.


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