IKEA's New Recipe Series Is Like Paint-By-Numbers, But For Cooking

The page is made of parchment paper so you can literally cook the recipe.

IKEA may be known for providing confusing instructions when it comes to building their furniture, but their cooking directions couldn't be clearer. The brand has just debuted a new cookbook with ad agency Leo Burnett

IKEA's new Cook This Page Parchment Paper Recipe Series is to cooking what Paint-By-Numbers is to painting. The book comes with poster-sized recipes you can actually cook on. Each one is piece of parchment paper with food safe ink printed on it. The recipes have circles you fill with the appropriate amount of spice, salt, or pepper and outlines for you to perfectly proportion all your vegetables, proteins, and pastas. When you're done putting all the ingredients on the paper, roll up the paper, throw it in the oven, and enjoy without any messy cleanup. 

"When it comes to cooking dinner, most people find new foods and recipes intimidating. So we set out to prove that getting creative in the kitchen can be deliciously simple," Leo Burnett wrote on their website. "With the recipes printed on cooking paper, people just had to fill in the ingredients blanks, roll it, cook it and eat! Illustrations were inspired by the dish and each recipe incorporated IKEA food items." 


The idea is supposed to make cooking feel like less of a hassle and more like fun. 

"We realized trying new recipes is a little scary for people. We set out to make it better, easier and more creative by using creativity to reinvent the recipe. Plus, we love food and think about it all the time — so it was an idea that was close to our hearts," the creative directors on the campaign said in a statement

While the Cook This Page Recipe isn't yet available in stores, we'd definitely love to give it a try and fill in those blanks. 

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