McDonalds Dropped #AllDayBreakfast, Then IHOP Went All Nicki Minaj On Em'.

Lets just settle this over a bacon, egg & cheese guys!

So McDonald's has finally begun their #AllDayBreakfast bonanza. World, rejoice.


But when some food chains in the Twitter-sphere saw their ad, it got a little nuts.

Can someone say, "FOOD FIGHT!"

Good thing this was a digital food fight.

First IHOP started throwing some all too funny jabs about how they've been serving breakfast, since like ever, derr.

Then Dunkin' Donuts was like, "Hold up, we serve breakfast all day too!"

Hmm, sausage, egg and cheese.

Then 7/11 decided to take credit for the idea altogether. Come on, we're all in this breakfast thing together guys.

Denny's was feeling a bit left out, cuz, you know, they're all about those crazy pancake concoctions.

Carl's Jr. was just tryin' to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch.

But since breakfast is the best meal of the day, we can all celebrate by stuffing our face with bacon, muffins, hash browns and coffee all day long no matter where we are.


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