If Toddlers Had Facebook, This Is What They'd Say

“She hasn’t touched my baby book since the day I was born and she’s taking up new crafts?”

Toddlers may love iPads, but they're not quite tech savvy enough to use social media yet.

You can imagine if they could post Facebook statuses, they'd be pretty hilarious. The blog If Toddlers Had Facebook hilariously imagines what social media would be like if little ones knew how to use it. The statuses playfully make fun of parents and imagine what goes through toddlers' heads. 

Check out some of our favorite statuses (and don't forget to read the comments!): 


1. Target Problems

2. Pinterest Angst

3. Holy Crap

4. Thanksgiving Problems

5. Facebook Pics

6. Don't Tell Me How To Live

7. Vaguebooking

8. Date Night

9. More Target problems

10. Black Friday

11. Hell's Kitchen


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