13 Hilarious Messages Toddlers Would Send If They Knew How To Text

"Mommy just opened a bottle of wine and threw the cork away."

One in three babies are using smartphones before they can even walk or talk, according to a recent study. Yeah, they're usually just watching videos or scratching the screen. But how hilarious would it be if they could actually use an iPhone to text? 

If Toddlers Texted is a series of iMessages babies would send if they knew how. The texts are shared on Instagram and Tumblr. They will legitimately make you laugh out loud. 

Read for yourself: 

1. Should've answered earlier, Mommy.

2. Wine night.

3. "No problem."

4. Need to tighten up security.

5. Gotta give your favorite cartoon characters props where props are due.

6. Wrong text.

7. Just checking in with Santa.

8. Singing Taylor to their favorite pet.

9. Great use of feminist Ryan Gosling.

10. Surprise, surprise.

11. Just a kid and his cat.

12. Burn.

13. At least now they know.

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