Here's What Romance Scenes Would Look Like If Movies Were Feminist

"Those can't be the actual lines, right?"

All too often, romance movies portray a controlling creep or stalker who's made out to be just a cool, sweet guy who knows what he wants. Of course, these characters always get the girl they're inappropriately going after in the end because they look like Ryan Reynolds. While many of these movies are created to appeal to a female audience, they're often incredibly sexist. 

We get it, it's just a movie, but watching these themes over and over can alter our expectations in real life. Except, in reality, the guy who just won't take no for an answer often doesn't have the best intentions deep down and he certainly doesn't look like an A-list celebrity. 

In a video created in a collaboration from YouTuber Laci Green and MTV, some of the most popular romantic tales get a do-over. Bella from Twilight is actually super sketched out that Edward has been sneaking into her room to watch her sleep. Oh, and that famous ferris wheel scene from The Notebook? Allie isn't at all impressed or amused by Noah threatening suicide if she doesn't go on a date with him. Instead, she sticks to a firm "no."

Watch how different it would be if romance movies were feminist in the video below:


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