Idris Elba Joins Jimmy Fallon To Sing 'Baby Got Back' According To Google Translate

"The baby escaped."

As we've seen time and again, Google Translate can be helpful in a bind, but it can also yield some pretty hilarious results when used to translate song lyrics. Malinda Kathleen Reese's YouTube channel gives us our regular dose of translated silliness, as does Jimmy Fallon's "Google Translate Songs" segment.

On Monday, Fallon premiered a new installment of the game, this time with celebrity guest Idris Elba, who showed off his musical ability with a few incomprehensible lyrics, starting with Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" — which translates to "The Baby Escaped."

It also seems to be less about butts and more about trees, with Elba singing, "I love large saplings is the truth."


The host then kept the "Baby" theme going by singing Britney Spears' classic "... Baby One More Time," which is now called "Meet My Kids." Fallon seemed to have a bit of a problem with at least one of the titular kids, as he sang, "Here is a kid / Who should have informed me / That my stuff had gone missing?"

But the real showstopper was Elba and Fallon's duet of Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" — which now has the slightly less steamy title "I'll Place Kindness on You." They even came up with some fitting ad libs perfect for a boy band.

Hear every last ridiculous translation in the video below:


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