Idina Menzel Surprises 11-Year-Old Fan Before His Stunning ‘Let It Go’ Performance On ‘Ellen’

Squad GOALS.

Earlier this summer, 11-year-old Luke Chacko shocked Idina Menzel after she invited him on stage to sing Frozen's "Let It Go." His stunning voice below Menzel away, so much so that she asked him for an encore. 

More recently, Ellen DeGeneres invited Luke to her stage to speak about the experience and find out how he learned to sing so well. Luke tells her he's self-taught, and inspired by artists such as Menzel as well as Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande. 

DeGeneres then talks with Luke about his experiences at school, where the 11-year-old says he's been bullied. 

"A lot of people at school have been calling me gay, or a girl, or other things," he says, "and it's just been really hard, since fourth and fifth grade … I'm not really that, but I'm a man of steel, these words can come at me and they can literally bounce back off."

With that, Luke has DeGeneres smiling, and her audience erupts in applause. DeGeneres encourages Luke to rebut by asking the bullies if they can sing as well as he can (because the answer is probably no). 


Finally, DeGeneres asks Luke about his squad at school, adding: "You know who else you need in your squad?"

"You … Portia …?" Luke guesses. 

Suddenly, DeGeneres gestures for Luke to turn around, where Menzel herself is standing, waiting to surprise Luke. 

Luke is quite clearly overwhelmed (we're in tears), and afterward, he gives the most incredible performance of "Let It Go" for Menzel and the rest of the audience.

At the end of the performance, Menzel gives Luke backstage passes to see Wicked on Broadway with his family. And before they go, she says:

"Can I say one other thing? You go home and you tell those kids if they bother you that I'm gonna come kick their ass." 

Talk about #SquadGoals.

Check it out in full below:

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