Identical Twin Sisters To Marry Identical Twin Brothers On The Same Weekend

"We do things in twos."

Identical twin sisters Krissie and Kassie Bevier share a whole lot. Not only do they share looks, but they are both studying physical therapy at the University of Michigan, and working towards doctorates. 


The 24-year-old twins are also getting married on the same weekend — to identical twin brothers Nick and Zack Lewan.

It all began four years ago when Nick and Kassie were attending a psychology class at Grand Valley State University. Given that twins are an interesting subject for psychologists, the professor asked if there were any twins in the class. Kassie and Nick both raised their hands and that proved to be the start of something special.

"I was looking around, and I looked behind and I was like, 'Oh. I'm in trouble now,"' Nick said to WILX-TV.

Kassie concurred, "He turned around and saw, and that was it."

Kassie and Nick then invited their respective siblings, Krissie and Zack, on their first date to church. Both pairs started dating.

The twins are all individuals with their own personalities and unique relationships, but they have had many shared experiences. They estimate approximately 90 percent of their dates end up being double dates. What's more, People reports that they refer to themselves collectively as "the fam."

They even got engaged on the same trip.

The Jackson Citizen Patriot reported that the twin brothers didn't initially plan to propose at the same time, but eventually decided to do it on a trip to the Henry Ford Museum in February 2017 in front of both sets of parents.

"It basically happened at the same time ... which is par for the course for us. We do things in twos," Kassie revealed to WILX-TV.

They will now marry on the same weekend at the same venue.

Krissie and Zack will get married at Eyry of the Eagle Farm Wedding and Reception Center on August 3 with Kassie and Nick tying the knot on August 4. They will host a joint reception on that Saturday. 

The couples initially planned separate weddings but given the overlap between the guest lists thought they should combine part of their weddings together with the reception. Although, they thought it was important to keep their ceremonies separate. They also held separate bridal showers.

For their honeymoons, the twins will have a few days separate before uniting at Disney World. They will then share a two-bedroom house as the sisters complete their studies.

Some might think it's natural for the twins' lives to be linked, but they're even surprised with the way things worked out. That being said, they're thrilled with the outcome.

"It all worked out ... And now we're here and it's just normal. We just flow together and it makes sense," Zack told WILX-TV. "There is a special twin bond, and having someone who understands that is huge."

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