Careful What You Wish For, Internet: Watch Cats Take Over These Iconic Film Roles

You wanted cats? You got cats.

If there's one unfailing truth about the internet, it's that it loves cats. For better or for worse, cat videos are some of the most viral-ready content that exists, which is why there are even awards centered around the best ones.

Frankly, if we're not careful, everything on the internet will soon be presented through the lens of a cat video. News, entertainment, sports, politics, business, and criticism of those and much more won't make sense unless a feline does something weird or cute or funny along the way.

The comedy duo PistolShrimps must be well aware of the trend because they've taken the liberty of inserting cats into several famous film roles to give the people more of what they so clearly want.

"What happens if you replace Darth Vader with a cat?" they assume you ask. "And what about Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street? Mufasa (sure) in The Lion King?"

Well, even if you didn't want to, now you'll know:


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