Breaking: Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Are in A Full Blown Bromance

Hey Patrick... aren't you married already?

We've seen Ian McKellen's "Magneto" and Patrick Stewart's "Charles Xavier" go at it on the silver screen. Sometimes, Charles is in charge.


Sometimes Magneto gets a little power hungry...

But regardless of who is actually in charge at any given moment in these X-Men films, they have created some astonishing moments for audiences everywhere.

Even if they are frenemies on screen, it's their real life relationship that will leave you overwhelmed. Just wait until you see how these two gentlemen get along like schoolboys at Oxford.

The two actors, who were born only a year apart, are actually two of the dearest friends you have ever seen.

When asked to sum up their relationship
Lucky indeed.

And they certainly aren't afraid to show the public their undying affection.

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EDIT: I forgot these gems, have some more gay

Even though Stewart is married and McKellen was the minister.

Ian became a minister to officiate Patrick's wedding
Someone must be feeling jealous at home...

Even if Stewart is a taken man, they still can't get enough of one another...

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And will look out for each other during times of peril.

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At the end of the day, this dynamic duo proves that even if you come from different backgrounds, diversity will never come in the way of a real friendship.

You can still share a pint together...

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And stroll through NYC to visit Elmo.

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If the feeling is true, nothing will get in the middle of this fabulous friendship.

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Quite frankly, they are making us kind of jealous. Even Taylor Swift wants in on it.

Sorry T, but it seems like the stage is only big enough for two.


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