Couple Whose Love Story Went Viral Years Ago Reveals What Life Is Like For Them Now

It's been nine years since the accident.

Ian and Larissa Murphy have never had a traditional marriage. 

In 2006, Ian got into a serious car accident that left him with a severe brain injury. He had been dating Larissa at the time and they planned to marry before the accident. She could have easily walked away from the relationship, but, instead she stayed and the two married. 

Nine years later, the couple filmed a follow up to their viral Belief segment on the Oprah Winfrey Network to show Ian's progress and what their lives together looked like. Based on what they tell us, the hope to have a functional albeit harder marriage became a reality.

Larissa wrote in a March 2014 blog post that Ian walked on his own for the first time, and reveals in the clip that she and Ian bought a house. But she still has worries from time to time, for instance, if she'll be able to help him when they're both older. Ian can talk, but it takes a bit of effort. Still, the two are staying positive and are strong in their faith. Ian, especially, wants people to know their story.

"We don't know what it's like to have a marriage 'in health,' " Larissa says. "But I want people to know they're not alone if they're in a similar situation. 

Watch the full clip below:



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