29 Kids Were Asked What They Wanted To Be In The Future, But Their Body Language Is More Telling Than Their Words

"I will be happy and beautiful."

Viktorija Vaisvilaite Skirutiene is a Lithuanian photographer based in Klaipėda, a coastal town inhabited by a bit more than 150,000 people. Her son Nojus, a fifth grader, goes to one of the local schools on the coast of the Baltic sea. He also dreams of becoming a "happy swimmer" one day.

For her latest project, titled "I Will" Skirutiene asked her son, his 28 classmates (all between the ages of 11 and 12), and their teacher to tell her their dreams for the future. Each of them had to complete the sentence "I will be..." and write their answers on the blackboard. She then snapped photos of them, one by one, along with their wishes.

"Some kids wrote quickly and confidently, others were pondering as if before taking a very important step," Skirutiene told A Plus. "It's not only about the content of their words. Their handwriting and the way they scribble words on the board tell as much about them. And of course, their body language! It appears as if some children already have everything they wish for themselves in the future, others bare things that they lack the most today."

Scroll down to see what kids dream of in the coastal town of Lithuania.


1. "I WILL be a basketball player."

2. "I WILL be an intelligent cardiologist."

3. "I WILL be happy and beautiful."

4. "I WILL be an astronomer and I‘ll travel to Australia."

5. "I WILL be a human. Kind. Strange."

6. "I WILL be a pilot."

7. "I WILL be a successful businesswoman."

8. "I WILL be friendly, sincere, kind and self-confident."

9. "I WILL be a game developer."

10. "I WILL be a happy painter, photographer ... and smart."

11. "I WILL be a rugby player. And I WILL have enough money to survive. "

12. "I WILL be a dancer."

13. "I WILL be a good human."

14. "I WILL be a family man."

15. "I WILL be a happy swimmer. Champion!"

16. "I WILL be happy with my parents and with a soccer ball."

17. "I WILL be curious, foxy and interesting."

18. "I WILL be myself."

19. "I WILL be friendly and I WILL succeed in tennis."

20. "I WILL be a mathematician."

21. "I WILL be a dancer as I express myself best while dancing."

22. "I WILL be free, happy, clever."

23. "I WILL be forgiving and kind-hearted."

24. "I WILL be as I am."

25. "I WILL be happy and honest and sincere."

26. "I WILL be a good girl."

27. "I WILL be a friendly designer."

28. "I WILL be sporty and I WILL have a wife."

29. "I WILL be loving and friendly."

30. "I WILL be loved and loving."

We can't help but wonder what the future has in stock for these kids and their teacher. It might be worth snapping photos of them once more 15 years from now. Though in all fairness, judging by these photos, they all are on the right track.

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