Artist Reenacts Her Childhood Memories Inspired By A Diary She Kept As A Girl

"Don't you worry, don't you worry child".

What does it take to be a great mum? Artist Jamie Diamond is on a mission to find out. 

Growing up, Jamie would spend hours documenting her own relationship with her mum and creating rule sheets for her future-self reference. The diary she kept as a girl later became the main inspiration for her project "I Promise To Be A Good Mother". 

Jamie started the project by staging and reenacting her own childhood memories. Dressed in her mum's clothes and carrying Annabelle-the-doll, she would capture these memories on film.

"Eventually the performance evolved into an exploration of the complexities surrounding the paradox of the mother/child relationship, investigating both its vernacular and art historical depictions, while mimicking and ignoring the traditional visual signifiers of motherhood," Jamie explains on her website.

Having a cigarette in bed while Annabelle-the-doll rests beside her or the two playing clapping games. What do you think it takes to be a good mother?


If you'd like to see more of Jamie's work, click around her website.

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