7 Photos Of 'Girls' That Will Make You Question What You Know About Gender Stereotypes

There's girl, boy and then in-between.

Brookyln-based photographer Jessica Yatrofsky has been drawn to depicting human bodies in her work for as long as she can remember and her latest project I Heart Girl is no different. 

By capturing different women with different bodies and various looks, Yatrofsky's series turns the notion of traditional gender stereotypes on its head. Short hair, thin builds, strong builds, cut jaw lines — there's not one specific way those who were born the female sex are supposed to look. 

Yatrofsky sought to explore this gender fluidity, as more people are feeling more free to express themselves as such. 


''Androgyny' and the 'in-between' is something I find very appealing and in that respect it is interesting to view all of the work as two parts of a whole instead of a binary,' she told A Plus.

Most of her subjects are friends of hers, or recommended through other friends, but each are special to her no matter how the meeting took place. 

She told A Plus that one of her most memorable experiences while shooting the series was being able to capture one of her friends who was in the process of transitioning genders. 

But her work goes beyond these relationships. She wants the images to coincide with the way people choose to express themselves. 

"For me, this work represents more than a group of people, it represents a collective shift in this ever changing cultural landscape of ours," she said.

'Collectively, the narrative is an invitation to re-examine what we know of femininity,' the project's website reads.

Hopefully society will be able to re-examine notions of femininity as well and, just like these women, adapt. 

Check out a few more photos from her series. 

Warning: some NSFW.

Check out her TwitterFacebookInstagram and Tumblr for more of her work.



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