This Guy Dresses Up As A Superhero To Bring Joy To Kids In A Houston Shelter After The Hurricane

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a trouble storm, but its aftermath is still affecting parts of the United States with 10 inches of rain predicted to fall in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. And Tropical Storm Irma has formed in the Atlantic Ocean with the possibility of it turning into a hurricane.

The impact of Hurricane Harvey is still felt with 38 deaths reported so far and an estimated 300,000 in need of temporary shelter. Despite the destruction, Houston is beginning to open back up with Houston Airport resuming a limited number of flights on Wednesday and Thursday.

And in the meantime, a man is bringing some joy to kids in a shelter by dressing up as a friendly neighborhood superhero.

Families at the George R. Brown Emergency Center received a surprise when a volunteer dressed up as Spider-Man came and began handing out stickers, chatting, and giving high fives to kids.

Stef Manisero from Spectrum News Austin shared videos of Spider-Man's visit to the shelter and they are going viral.

The videos come after other heartwarming moments from Hurricane Harvey have gone viral, including the reporter who saved a man whose truck was flooding and the little girl who wrote her police officer dad a letter about keeping people safe in the hurricane. But the identity of this hero currently remains a secret.

(H/T: HuffPost)

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