Girlfriend Tries To Watch Sad Video Without Crying. She Barely Makes It 20 Seconds.

"That was awful."

YouTube personality Hunter March put his girlfriend Lex Lee to the ultimate test: She would have to watch "one of the saddest videos he has ever seen in his entire life" without shedding a single tear. 

That may not sound so hard if you're like March and don't cry very often. Lee, on the other hand, manages to cry at things like yogurt commercials and extremely ripe vegetables.

The video he's chosen is a commercial for MetLife that features a little girl writing a heartbreaking letter to her father calling him a liar. But don't worry, there's a good reason she does. 

"Do you think you're going to cry at this?" March asks Lee before the video starts. 

"I think knowing that there's a camera filming, I may not, but we'll see," she says. "I don't think I'm going to cry."


She was very, very wrong. Lee barely makes it 20 seconds without tearing up. By the end of it, she's totally bawling and drying her nose with her skirt. Even March, who has already seen the video, gets bleary-eyed. 

"What's the message here?" Lee asks when it's all over. 

"The message is I won," he says. 

Here's the video they were watching. Can you make it through without crying?


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