This Pair's Story, Told To Humans Of New York, Has The Most Beautiful Plot Twist

"I'm going to tell you a family secret."

Sometimes it's the people you least expect that will have a huge impact on your life.

In a recent post on Humans of New York, one pair shares how they — despite constantly debates in college — ended up working together on a thesis project, thanks to the efforts of their professor.

And though the post doesn't outwardly reveal the current status of their relationship, the final line of the story shows just how much their relationship changed, and how much they appreciated that professor for bringing their family together.

It reads:

"I'm going to tell you a family secret. We hated each other in college. We were in the same history class. We argued over everything. I'd make a point in class, and she would argue the exact opposite. At the end of the year, our professor forced us to work together on our thesis project. Both of us asked him if we could choose different partners, but he refused. We made that professor the godfather of our children. (Santiago, Chile)"


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Love is sweet at any age. Just check out this video for proof:

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