This Redditor Took A Selfie Every Day: Now Watch Him Age From 12 to 20 In Two Minutes

Time flies.


Hugo Cornellier started taking a selfie a day every single day since he was 12 years old for this time-lapse video project, which he released yesterday on his YouTube channel and Reddit. Cornellier is now 20.

The video, which required Cornellier to stabilize and edit every single one of the 2,000-plus photos — a process he says took him more than 30 hours — shows the remarkable transformation of a boy into a young man. 

The project is far from over, however. In a Reddit post, Cornellier said that he will continue taking a selfie a day for as long as he is able to and encouraged others who might be thinking about starting a similar project. 

"If you want to do something like this, JUST DO IT. DO IT NOW," he wrote. "Open up your camera and TAKE A PIC. That's all there is to it. You are not too old nor are you ever too late to start something like this."

Watch time fly below:


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