Photo Perfectly Captures The Difference Between The Way We See Ourselves Versus How Others See Us

"Whenever I see a picture of me, the first things which catch my eyes are my FLAWS."

How many times have you told someone how great they look in a photo only to hear them criticize themselves in response? Too many of us are guilty of this kind of negativity. 

In a recent Instagram post, fitness blogger Louise Aubery helped to highlight this bad habit — and reminded us to be kinder to ourselves. Aubery shared the same photo of herself in a bikini side-by-side on the social media platform. The photos show the difference between what someone else sees versus how she sees herself. 


Others may look at the photo of Aubery and see a "big smile," "long legs," and "strong butt," but what she sees is a "big nose," "back fat," and "cellulite." 

"I am guilty," she wrote. "I am here to always be completely honest because I feel social media needs more of it. As much as I preach self-love and truly made some progress accepting myself, there is something I really struggle with: pictures. Whenever I see a picture of me, the first things which [sic] catch my eyes are my FLAWS." 

"I always see what is wrong. 'Too close.' 'My nose appears too big.' 'My legs look too white.' 'I look terrible.' This is usually what follows when someone shows me a picture they took of me," she continued. "YET, I really do not look at people's flaws first when I look at a picture of someone else! On the contrary, I tend to focus on their assets." 

How relatable is that? In a society that emphasizes the importance of fitting into a beauty ideal, it's easy to quickly pick apart all of our imperfections. But the things we see as imperfections aren't always as apparent to others as we may think. And, even if they are, shouldn't we be focusing on the things that we do like about ourselves? Aubery recommends that we start treating photos of ourselves the way we treat photos of others. 

"We really need to learn not to be so harsh on ourselves. It is not healthy. I am going to work on it, and I hope you will too," she wrote.


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