How I Became A Positive Person (And How You Can Too)

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A few years back I became intrigued by the power of positive thinking. I think my fascination might have begun with Rhonda Byrne's book, "The Secret" and further enhanced after my employer at the time made everyone on the leadership team read a business book that had all of the same exact concepts (forgive me for not being able to remember the name).

I became hooked on reading about positive thinking, meditation, manifestation, NLP, and so on. Since applying the lessons I've learned the past few years, I couldn't be happier. I am self-focused, focused in general and mindful. I have the confidence that only someone who loves themselves can have.

This brings me to a question I ask myself often, how can I inspire others to learn and change their mindset so they can love themselves as much as I love myself? Motivational vets like Tony Robbins can do this within minutes to even to a skeptic. The problem is, the general public doesn't have direct access to these minds and worse, they are surrounded by negative ones. If a person wants to learn about positive thinking, they are easy to help.  If a person does not and you want to inspire them, it comes from leading by example. The things you do to help yourself will ultimately help others.

Some of what I remind myself daily:



Just smile and hold it if you need some positive vibes. Think of something funny and laugh – happiness is contagious and it will make others happy.

Engage with the right people

Engage with great people, new people, and different people. Remember that you choose your friends so make sure you choose ones that inspire you. Developing relationships brings happiness and people will be drawn to you.

Actively listen to people and be present

It was tough for me to realize that I did not actively listen to people if they were not speaking about something that interested me or were being negative. I was there but I wasn't really there. Here is the thing, if you actively listen, you can ask questions and change the direction of the conversation. If you aren't present, you're doing yourself a disservice so my suggestions are to end the conversation or change the direction of the conversation. Do remember, that if you care about someone and they are telling you about something they really care about there is likely a reason why…

Ask questions, particularly why

I told someone my brother was thinking of making a career change and going medical school. When they asked me why he wanted to be a doctor, I did not have the answer which I felt quite silly about. The next time we were together, I asked him and his response made me appreciate his goals so much more. Strive to understand people, it will benefit both parties.

Show genuine signs of gratitude

Always be grateful for everything you have and never take anything for granted. Count your blessings daily and make time to think about what you are grateful for. Gratitude has a slew of scientific benefits such as a better immune system, less trouble sleeping and mental health benefits.  

Imagine you are in a frustrated mood and feeling underappreciated at work. A colleague of yours then comes up to you to say, "Hey thank you for the extra work you did on that presentation. You killed it and incase no one has told you, we really appreciate it." Imagine how that would change your mindset. Next time you see someone having a bad day, show a sign of gratitude to them. There has to be a reason you are grateful they are in your life so let them know.

Make goals

Make goals, share them and encourage others to do the same. When you have reached your goals, make new ones. Always work toward something and never be stagnant. Also, make sure you don't have conflicting goals.

I write a list at the beginning of every month with my monthly goals and then break it down into weekly goals. Do I always hit my goals? No but I always have focus on where I need to go. I like to think about success as progress on goals so breaking the goal down into attainable pieces gives me the feeling of success daily.

Make time to do what you love. Embrace uncertainty. Don't be afraid of change. Don't be afraid of success. Don't be afraid of failure. Be a person you love.

Positivity is a choice.

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