Some People Will Do Anything To Avoid Leg Day. This Guy Takes The Cake.

Do you even lift, bro?

Some people will do anything to get out of doing certain things at the gym: in general, people will stick to exercises that show off their strengths and avoid ones that highlight their weaknesses. If you suck at pull-ups, you're probably not going to run straight to the pull-up bar when you get to the gym. If you've got big arms, you know that you're going to do curls in front of the mirror even when it's not arm day. And squats ...? Well, we won't even talk about people who try to avoid squats or insist that leg presses are just as good. (P.S. THEY'RE NOT)

This video, posted on YouTube by AmmFitness.Co.UK, shows what's gotta be the laziest man in the history of working out. This guy seems to be circuit training while moving from station to station on a Hover Mega board.


Here's how to not get ripped quick.

Yes, we know it's a joke (well, we hope it is), but there are probably some people who watched this and thought, "Great idea!"

Might be a good way to get home after leg day, right?


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