This Girl Dressed Up Like A Hot Dog For Princess Week, Showing We Should Embrace Our Uniqueness

Everyone should be their own Hot Dog Princess.

Forget about Ariel, Belle, and Aurora. There is a new, awesome princess we want to be: Hot Dog Princess.

You won't find the Hot Dog Princess in any storybooks. (Yet.) You will find her at her dance class at Holly Springs School of Dance in North Carolina. Five-year-old Ainsley Turner had Princess Week at her dance class. She decided to eschew the traditional gown and crown for a more original hot dog costume, and Hot Dog Princess was born. 

BuzzFeed reported that Sarah Nativi and Grayson Lamontagne, who teach at Ainsley's dance school, posted the photos of Ainsley online in May. They loved the positive message the costume had. Now, the internet has discovered it and embraced Hot Dog Princess.


Take a look at some of the positive responses Ainsley's costume received on social media:

Ainsley's dad even tweeted about his daughter's trending look:

Aisnley's Hot Dog Princess look is so much more than a costume. It represents the freedom to express ourselves and be who we are. There isn't only one type or princess, and there isn't only one type of person. We should all be who we want, and we shouldn't be restricted by anything. Be it gowns, hot dog buns, or any other preconceived ideas. 

(H/T: Today)


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