We're Jealous Of How Well This Horse Wears His Custom-Made Tweed Suit

A matching golf cap FTW.

Horse racing season is upon us, but just like other sports and awards season events, the focus is shifting toward fashion.

The Cheltenham Festival is currently underway in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in England, and features four days of racing and other competitions. And, likely, lots of head-turning hats.

But we got distracted from the contests by a handsome horse named Morestead.

The 10-year-old chestnut gelding was recently featured in a video produced by U.K. bookie agency William Hill, donning what's said to be the first Harris tweed suit made for a horse.

According to the clip, nearly 200 miles worth of tweed will be worn by suited-up spectators during the equine extravaganza — which could stretch from the English town all the way to Ireland. But "Morestead has been feeling left out [over the years], haven't you, Morestead?" asks jockey Sir Anthony McCoy.

To appease Morestead, a suit was tailored for the animal.

"The whole process took about four weeks and involved 80 meters of Harris tweed we've had shipped in from Scotland," says Emma Sandham-King in the video. "Cheltenham is really renowned for its tweed and we want this to be the best suit there.

How could this not be the best suit at Cheltenham? Though McCoy also gets style props for wearing look-alike threads.

"Well, there's no better jockey than Sir Anthony McCoy," says William Hill's John Ivan Duke. "And what better man to model our Harris tweed?"

As for Morestead, McCoy is certain he'll win "best-dressed horse" during Cheltenham. 

"I think Morestead is a bit like the Naomi Campbell of the modeling world," Duke adds. "He's strutting his stuff and he's worn the tweed in style."

Check out the video above to see more of Morestead and his stylish suit.

(H/T: SB Nation)

Cover image: William Hill via YouTube

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