Horse Reminds Rider In Mexican Parade Who Is In Control

Even if you think you know what you're doing...

The controversy around horses in heating up.

In New York City, many have gotten behind a protest to ban horse-drawn carriages. The practice is seen as inhumane and archaic, and puts both the horse and its riders in danger. To many, the simple exhibition of horses is seen as a criminal act.

All that makes this video, which is allegedly from a Mexican parade, all the more relevant and intriguing. In a disturbing sequence, we can see a horse that looks very agitated and unwilling to cooperate with its rider's commands. 


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What happens next, though, is one of the most frightening things we've seen during horseback riding. Some of the original coverage called it a "horse backflip," but it's clear this is actually a horse who is not very unhappy with what it's being forced to do. These images may be disturbing to some viewers. 

Both the horse and the rider are lucky to have no reported injuries.

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In the United States, we have the Horse Protection Act, which is meant to prevent the "soring" of horses in order to improve their gait. Soring is when you intentionally inflict pain on the animal by "blistering or irritating" a horse's forelegs to accentuate its gait. 

While we don't know whether the horse in the video below has been sored, we do know that it was meant to be used in this parade as a bit of a show, and horses that are used as exhibitions frequently fall victim to the practice. Unfortunately for this rider, the horse had other ideas. 

Thankfully, it appears both the horse and the rider are okay. For animal rights groups, this video could be seen as a reminder that horses aren't meant to be saddled, ridden around and treated as a sideshow. 

Check out the entire footage below:


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