13 Priceless Moments From Honest NYC Barbie That New Yorkers Will Immediately Recognize

The struggle is real.

You may have seen the hilarious West Coast satire Instagram account Hipster Barbie. Well, now the East Coast has their very own version, specifically for New Yorkers. Honest NYC Barbie totally understands the feels you get on the line at Whole Foods, the necessity of cheap wine night, and how ridiculous finally taking out the trash can be. 

This Barbie girl is definitely different than the ones you grew up with. NYC Barbie doesn't have every ambitious job under the sun, but a desk job that has nothing to do with her interests. She's got bills to pay and is well aware her dream house would be totally impossible to rent in this city. 

But even though this city might knock her down, she knows it's worth living here. After all, her Instagram bio says "In a love/hate relationship with my city." 

Aren't we all?


Check out some of her day-to-day strugs in the Big Apple below:

1. "Let's face it, I do all my grocery shopping here anyway. #bodega"

2. "Bottomlesssss bruuuuunncchhhhhh."

3. "Bye, paycheck."

4. "Working working working...at a job that in no way is related to my college degree. Woohoo! #somanyloans"

5. "Yeah I think I'm gonna cross anyway. #lightsaysno #heartsaysyes"

6. "Me time."

7. "Ha! Not today, falling pile of trash! Not today!"

8. "6 bucks for juice!? You gotta be kidding me!?"

9. "Yep. Broke a heel. #thiscityisfilthy"

10. "Nope. #wholefoodsmarket"

11. "Note to self: wearing an ultimate boyfriend shirt is a red flag. #tinderfail"

12. "Where the f*ck am I?"

13. "Dear god, why am I here? #timessquare"

(H/T: Mashable)

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