He Only Had $6 In His Pocket, But That Didn't Stop Him From Saving These Pups

All for one.

We don’t often come across such kind-hearted people and stories such as this.


Through their heroics, we are inspired to do what we can in order to match their generosity in some shape or form.

This is what a homeless man named Steve has done. He is not a celebrity. He is not touring the nation doing talk shows. He hasn't written an autobiography to document his journey.

Nope, none of that. Instead, he took upon himself to do something good simply because he wanted to. Even though he has been homeless since 2001 and had about $6 to his name, that didn't stop Steve from reaching out his hand to a fellow paw.

Although he doesn’t have millions of dollars in donations, that hasn't stopped Steve from helping dogs that were in a situation like his.

Having a kind heart and a passion for caring was all he needed.

Over the past 14 years, Steve has helped care for over 50 dogs, according to The Dodo. He fittingly adopted the name "Strays United" and has made it his mission to help a fellow friend create a home where there wasn't one.

However, staying on the streets with so many dogs or “fur babies," as he lovingly refers to them as, was out of the question. Steve knew he had to get his pups to a proper home.

Therefore, he popped his pooches into his cart attached to a bike and began pedaling to greener pastures.

His journey wasn’t short though. In fact, he had to travel nearly all the way across the country to reach his destination.

Starting out in California, Steve made the blistering 2,000-mile journey to be with a girlfriend who was living in Indiana, as per The Dodo.

Despite the arduous trek, Steve remained positive throughout the entire trip, which in return brought his cause to national attention.

Soon outlets such as The Daily News reached out to tell his story…

Celebrities such as Tommy Chong took notice of his deeds.

Most importantly, people everywhere were touched by this one person's humble actions to save lives.

Just look at this amazing story from one passerby named Alicia Edrington, who saw Steve on the side of the road and felt the compassion to help put up the pups in a motel for the night.

A warm bed at last.

Now, his GoFundMe page has jumped to nearly $30,000. His Facebook page has also grown to almost 6,500 followers.

You can help Steve care for his four legged friends by donating here and following him on Facebook here.


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