The "Homeland" Season 5 Trailer Sees Carrie Mathison Having Trouble Leaving The Past Behind

Showtime's spy thriller returns.

Homeland hit the TV scene with a force in 2011, blending all the best elements of an action story with a central mystery that toyed with the audience's loyalties. The show followed up with a nearly-as-strong second season, but seemed to take a nosedive in season 3 that could largely be attributed to the decision to keep Damien Lewis' Nicholas Brody character in the fold for so long. Building off some momentum from a more explosive fourth season, Homeland is back for season 5 and the first trailer teases Claire Danes in top form.

Danes plays Carrie Mathison, a CIA operative who specializes in terror attacks and strife in the Middle East. Throughout the first three seasons (and lingering into the fourth), she was driven to questionable acts over her involvement with Lewis' Sgt. Brody, a former POW who may or may not have been turned against America during his imprisonment. Now that Lewis has moved on to stare contests with Paul Giamatti in Showtime's Billions, the show can really set off on a fresh storyline.

As the trailer indicates, Carrie seems to have left the CIA and is now living in Germany, but clearly she won't stay away from trouble for long, because this is a TV show that thrives on its main character being right in the thick of it. There's no locked date for the season 5 premiere, but following the same pattern as the seasons before, it should be sometime this fall.


Check out the trailer below for yourself:

Cover image: Homeland via YouTube


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