New H&M Ad Asks You To Break All The Rules — Except One

"Show your panty line."

If fashion is all about expressing yourself, why do we constantly enforce rules on each other? 

Redheads should not wear color red, sandals do not go with socks, some outfits are no longer appropriate once you grow old — there is no end to these rules. But who says so? 

Now a new H&M ad released earlier this month encourages us to break all these rules. All of them, except one.


"Wear a hat indoors," the man behind the camera tells us.

"Wear a short skirt after 40."

"Dress like a man."

"Dress like a teen."

"Show your panty line."

"Wear yellow if you're blond."

You do you.

Because ...

According to the ad, there's only one rule that should never be broken. And that is recycling your clothes. 

Yep. You can now leave your unwanted clothes at any H&M store and they will be either reused or recycled to new clothing. Think of it, just one recycled T-shirt saves 2,100 liters of water.

"Together we can close the loop," the video's YouTube description explains.

Watch the entire ad below:

And while we absolutely love the ad and couldn't advocate for sustainable fashion enough, it's important to remember that perhaps there are more rules than just one. Like, securing safe working conditions for textile workers, paying fair wages and not using child labor.

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