The American Mipsterz

What is this hipster subculture sensation sweeping the nation?

Hipsters are a subculture supporting creative, progressive, and independent thought that have been around since the 1990's, but have gained more attention in the 2000's. While this group has become more mainstream, there are still nuances to those who identify as a hipster (or rather, those who don't, considering identification with the group is oxymoronic) that are still underground movements. 

One of these nuances is the emergence of the Mipsterz, or Muslim hipsters. Mipsterz are a group that gained widespread attention following the release of the "Somewhere in America #MIPSTERZ" video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2013.

The video features stylish young Muslim women in urban settings hanging out and engaging in a variety of activities including skateboarding and fencing. The video introduced a community of Mipsterz, who self define as "someone who seeks inspiration from the Islamic tradition of divine scriptures, volumes of knowledge, mystical poets, bold prophets, inspirational politicians, esoteric Imams, and our fellow human beings searching for transcendental states of consciousness. A Mipster is an ironic identity, one that serves more as a perpetual critique of oneself and of society." 


The release of the video prompted extensive discussion on the evolving landscape of Muslims in America, and provided a context in which to examine how millennials are embracing their hyphenated identities and various hobbies and integrating them into ones everyday life. They also, whether intentionally or unintentionally, have worked against stereotypes that are common about Muslims, and have de-othered a group that is often alienated.

The new Ms.Marvel - Kamala Khan.

Mipsterz have also started to emerge in popular culture, including the new Ms.Marvel comic, and a film called "Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf", a fiction feature inspired by James Dean about a teenage rebel who comes of age into a headscarf and a motorcycle. "Marjoun" is still seeking support to come to life, visit their Kickstarter page for more information.

Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign


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