'A Brief History Of Swearing In Movies' Shows It Hasn't Always Been As Profane As It Is Now

Here's some history behind all of those "eff yous."

Nowadays, we're all pretty much used to hearing an occasional "crap," "eff you," or a more creative profanity such as "douche nozzle" on TV and in the movies. 

But it wasn't always like that.

The first curse word ever used in cinema presumably dates back to 1929 and was just an innocent "damn." However, back in 1934, swearing was banned from movies altogether and was only reintroduced in the late '60s.

That's where the "golden age" of cursing started.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of swearing in movies, check out this video created by Movie Munchies. We promise — you'll be startled by some of the facts! 

(Disclaimer: video includes language some might consider offensive.)

Watch "A Brief History of Swearing in Movies" below:


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