13 Photos Of 'Hipster Barbie' Living The Life We Want

How can we be her?

Instagram is where the more attractive and interesting versions of ourselves live in a paradise of perfect color schemes and filters. If you thought your Instapersona was tough to live up to though, we've got bad news: The bar's been set even higher. That's because there's a hipster Barbie account that lives out all your beautiful, moody Pacific Northwest daydreams, and she's reminding us how silly and monotonous we all look.

Captioning photos with hashtags like #liveauthentic and #explore, the better-than-you Barbie has the photos you take a dozen shots of to get just right, and it fits our social media presence goals so well we don't know whether to laugh or cry. If we end up laughing though, you can bet we'll try to get someone to shoot us doing it as we look away from the camera and toss our hair like so.

Wired reports the mind behind socalitybarbie, a handle which references a West Coast-based self-improvement movement to #liveauthentic, is a Portland, OR-based wedding photographer. It's obviously satirizing the contrived millennial adventurer trope that seems to flood social media, but is still pretty fun to browse and imagine ourselves in. Oh, Hipster Barbie, how do we become as cool as you?


1. We've been trying to get our hair to do that for too long.

2. Never forget coffee when hiking.

3. Get those rays, girl.

4. We bet there's a great story behind that blanket.

5. Too hip for the seatbelt.

6. Always hike in heels

7. Don't worry, she's vegan.

8. Mariner at heart.

9. Lumber chic.

10. #candids.

11. #Adventurer.

12. Casually dragging us into a lake.

13. She's a creative.


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