Gymnast Brings Her Famous Whip, Nae Nae, And Flips To 'The Ellen Show'

A routine so good, we had to see it again.

Sophina DeJesus, a senior at UCLA, performed her hip-hop gymnastics routine on The Ellen Show with her own unique vibe.

Recently, DeJesus took the Internet by storm when a video of her floor routine went viral and, now, the incredible gymnast arrived on Ellen's stage to perform it again. 

"Over 40 million of you watched our next guest whip and nae nae her way through a gymnastics competition two weeks ago," DeGeneres says before welcoming DeJesus to the show. At that particular competition, DeJesus' team beat out their rival, Utah, by just a fraction of a point.

The gymnast told DeGeneres that she chose to add the popular hip-hop dance moves into the routine to really hit her senior performance hard and make this year an especially fun one. 

Be sure to check out her entertaining routine below:


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