Hillary Clinton And Jimmy Fallon Read Real Letters Of Advice From Kids

One of them has a pretty empowering message.

Last week Jimmy Fallon welcomed Donald Trump on The Tonight Show, so it was only fair that he should invite Hillary Clinton on the show Monday night. Instead of ruffling her hair, however, Fallon chose to read a few letters from kids giving some very valuable advice to Clinton about her campaign.

Clinton has a new Tumblr blog called Letters to Hillary that features real letters from young citizens. Fallon happens to have a similar bit on his show called "Kid Letters," so he took a moment to share an example letter written to him by 5-year-old Mason, who wishes The Tonight Show had more science segments like Ellen's show. "Ellen wins!" Mason declares.

Then it was Clinton's turn to hear from the youth of America. As it turns out, kids have a lot of opinions about how she should run her campaign. For instance, a very specific anonymous letter suggests Clinton stop posting so many Instagram photos and change her hairstyle to something more like what she had in 1994. 

But it's a letter from 12-year-old Brijani that leaves the biggest impression, as she encourages women to band together to stop Donald Trump from getting elected.


"I would love for you to become president, but there is a wall [called] Donald Trump trying to stop you. But NO, us women will not stand for it. It's our job to stand up and knock down this wall and show that WOMEN have a PLACE in THIS WORLD."

This passionate statement earned applause from the audience. Brijani then added the very important postscript, "I'm 12 and I approve this message. Vote Hillary."

Hear all the letters, and see all of Clinton's reactions, in the video below:

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