This Is The Internet's Hilarious Reaction To The Bendable iPhone 6 Plus

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As of this week, complaints about the new iPhone 6 Plus have been clogging the social media and news websites. Unhappy owners started sharing their photos claiming their phones were bent after carrying them in a pocket.

Apple is said to be replacing the bent iPhones if they pass the "visual inspection" and qualify for warranty replacement.

While some were mourning over their damaged iPhones, others had a blast trolling the manufacturers.

Samsung really knows how to troll a competitor.

Apparently, there were some changes in the design team.

New blockbuster in theaters soon.

Thank you Tim, that's like the best feature ever.

Does it turn into a spring roll after a month?

No worries! There's nothing that an iRoller couldn't fix.

Roller's not enough? Complete your set with an iron and some duct tape.

Be sure to read this manual carefully.

Still not sure what clothes go in line with the iPhone 6? Go buy these pants.

We all had one before it was cool.

This fall, iPhone 6 origami art classes are coming to every kindergarten.

Other brands didn't miss their chance either. Well done, KitKat.

Bottle caps don't cost a fortune, though.

Amnesty International used the opportunity to remind us there are more important things than a bent iPhone.

It's a match!

So now it makes perfect sense. Bender, welcome aboard.

Flip phones are back? We didn't get the memo.


Who knew?

Unleash your creativity.


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