27 Hilarious Homework Answers These Truly Smart Kids Wrote

"Bacon is always the answer."

Having to do homework after spending all day in school has probably never been a kid's favorite thing to do, but they work hard at it anyway. Practicing what you were taught during the day helps to solidify that knowledge. 

No matter how hard you try, though, sometimes you just don't know that answer. In that case, many kids think of a creative solution instead of just leaving the question blank. For some, that means finding an answer that's a little too literal while others draw a silly picture to get their point across. Some even write down song lyrics or other pop culture references and hope for the best.

They may not be the answers the teacher was looking for, but they definitely show creativity, self-expression, and humor. We've rounded up some of our favorite homework answers from kids below. 


Check 'em out:

1. That's advice he could definitely use.

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2. Solid name choice.

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3. Enjoy it while you can, kid.

4. It's important to learn these things early.

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5. That is one possible reason.

6. We totally understand the confusion.

7. What a great resolution.

8. Yeah, you are.

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9. He did expand it after all.

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10. Someone knows his '90s jams.

11. And so does she.

12. So romantic.

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13. Good choice.

14. Hard to use the process of elimination method when you've got an extra word.

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15. Aww.

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16. You're not wrong.

17. Well done.

18. You tell 'em, kid!

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19. When in doubt...

20. Who said movies don't teach you anything?

21. We like your style.

22. This is so much better than "the dog ate my homework" excuse.

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23. Can't argue with that.

24. It's important to set goals.

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25. Found it.

26. Gotta have a plan B.

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27. Same.


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