This Stylish Muslim Teen Is Crushing Stereotypes, One Hijab At A Time

"My hijab is my crown."

Remember all the outfits you wore in high school that you'd probably grimace at today? Teenagers these days are the complete opposite. Partly thanks to the Internet, they're more stylish and creative with their clothing than most of us could ever hope to have been at that age. 

One particular teen, however, is completely destroying the fashion game with her distinct sense of style. 


Meet 18-year-old Abrar Shahin, a recent Clifton High School graduate who was voted Best Dressed by her senior class.

Her style game is on point, but she also earns the probable distinction of being Clifton's first Best Dressed winner with a hijab.

Her love for fashion started early. Shahin said that she made clothes for her Barbies as a kid and researched the latest fashion trends online. So it's not surprise that she has impeccable style — and perfectly applied makeup to boot.

Shahin told "Seventeen" that she was excited about the acknowledgement and that her peers were accepting of a garment that has caused unwarranted controversy across the world.

The wearing of hijabs and other female expressions of religious piety in public has been at the center of controversy and censorship. France, for example, has banned the full veil in public spaces and the hijab remains the subject of debate in some institutions.

But Muslim women like Shahin want to encourage others to be true to themselves. "I just want to let every girl out there know that they should not be afraid to express themselves through their style, she told Seventeen. "Growing up can be difficult, but the only way to break stereotypes is to stay true to ourselves and beliefs."

Shahin is now headed to Rutgers to study physical therapy. But she someday hopes to start her own line of hijabs. She said:

My hijab is my crown. While wearing it, I feel safe and confident with myself. Wearing what you feel best in is really what makes you look beautiful.


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