Watch Kids Try Traditional Korean Food And Give Their Hilarious Opinions Along The Way

"Fish, I'm going to have to dissect you. I'm sorry. I just have to do this."

The kids on Cut Video's YouTube channel HiHo Kids may be young, but they're unafraid to dig their forks into something new. Well, sometimes they seem a little unnerved, but they do it anyway — and then give their honest opinions. They've had the opportunity to try cuisines from countries all around the world, and have even taste-tested molecular gastronomy and vegan fare

In the most recent video, the kids got to pick up their chopsticks and try traditional Korean meals and snacks. They started things off with seaweed soup, rice, and fried anchovies. The best part about these videos is that the kids seem to be having so much fun as they taste-test new foods and learn about different cultures. 

"The seaweed is dancing while I blow it!" one kid exclaimed, as he tried to cool down his soup. Another started naming each of his anchovies. This made things difficult when he realized he was going to have to eat them. "Ew, I don't want to kill my friends!" he said. "I do eat fish, but I don't want to eat JOEY." He ended up eating Joey or, at least, one of Joey's friends, and realized it was worth it. "Fishy, you taste good!"


One little girl was surprised to hear that this meal is a traditional birthday breakfast. "Why would you call this a birthday breakfast?!" she asked. 

"The reason why is because — so, when moms have babies, they eat seaweed soup every day for a couple months because they say it makes better breast milk," a producer explained off-camera. 

"It makes WHAT?" she replied. 

Check out the video below to see how they reacted to the next few dishes.

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