Hundreds Of Student Banded Together After Racist Snapchats Circulated. It Worked.

"Today we all come together to fight against racism. We just can't stand for it anymore and we needed to take action."

A group of approximately 200 students at Haywood High School in Tennessee staged a protest on Dec. 4 after racist snapchat messages circulated amongst the student body online.

The messages, which were reportedly written by White members of the school's baseball team, made liberal use of racial slurs and advocated violence against Black people, including other pupils at the school. According to WREG, one such hateful message used the n-word to describe Black students and referenced "stringing" them up. Another message stated the baseball players should "find one Black guy and make an example for sure."

Despite the heinous nature of the messages, the students allegedly responsible for writing them were reportedly given a slap on the wrist and told to write a 10-page paper as their punishment. Failure to properly reprimand those responsible is what apparently lead to the protest on Monday. 


"Today we all come together to fight against racism," student Malik Green, who helped organize the protest, told the news outlet. "We just can't stand for it anymore and we needed to take action."

Green later added he felt the school administration "tried to sweep it under the rug," and said he was "speechless" after reading the messages.

Thelma Taylor, a Haywood parent who helped organize the protest, told The Jackson Sun, "You know if that had been black boys planning to kill white boys, our kids would've been expelled that day."

Interestingly enough, it seems the protest has put pressure on school administrators to further admonish those involved. The Jackson Sun reports multiple students have since been suspended, and both Haywood's principal and assistant principal had been suspended without pay because of how they mishandled the situation. 

In a statement given to WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, Haywood County Schools declared an in-depth and complete investigation of what happened is in progress, and said all students who made life-threatening comments have been removed.

"As previously stated, hatred, racism, and bigotry have no place in our school district," the statement concluded. "District administration, Haywood County's NAACP, and parent and student representatives are committed to working together to provide peace and civility for the citizens and especially our children that reside in Haywood County."

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