This High School Senior Has Never Missed A Day Of School In Her Life

“If you miss a day of school it’s gone forever. Every one of them is important. There’s something new every day.”

We always thought sick days and playing hooky were a rite of childhood passage, but this high school senior is setting us straight. 

Seventeen-year-old Mareiya Gonzales has never, ever missed a single day of school in her life. Not even when she was a 5-year-old in kindergarten. Think about all of those times you spent curled up on the couch covered in tissues while watching exceptionally bad morning TV on a day you should've been in school. Gonzales has never done that. Instead, she's spent more than 2,335 days at her desk learning something new. 

"If you miss a day of school it's gone forever," Gonzales told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Every one of them is important. There's something new every day."


While Gonzales insists "it's no big deal" because "you're supposed to go to school," not many people can say they've had perfect attendance for 13 years. Although, she did have a grand total of two tardies, which she got back in kindergarten. However, her family maintains those tardies were a clerical error by the teacher, according to the SF Chronicle. 

Interestingly enough, Gonzales isn't the only one in her family to care about showing up every day on time. By making school take priority, focusing on their health, and always leaving early, she and her siblings have managed to hold up some pretty impressive attendance streaks. Her younger sister Magdaelena is now a sixth-grader who has never missed a single school day. Their 15-year-old sister Alexa has a pretty great record, too. She caught a virus six years and missed four days of school, but hasn't missed a moment in class since. 

Next time you hit snooze, or think about calling out, consider channeling your inner Gonzales. 

(H/T: San Francisco Chronicle

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